Use Non-fungible tokens (NFTs)

to verify the authenticity of luxury products.

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Mint, Discover and Share LuxuryNFTs

linked to actual luxury accessories

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About The Project

The objective of the platform is to provide an authentication system for verifying luxury products using Blockchain Non-fungible tokens (NFTS) thus preventing the proliferation of fake luxury products while enabling transparency through variable product history.


Set Up Your Wallet

Setup wallet by downloading any of the Polkadot wallets preferably Polkadot.JS for desktop and Mathwallet for mobile.

Mint your Own LuxuryNFT Collections

Mint your own LuxuryNFT token by first, registering as a luxury brand or retailer. To ensure the authenticity of luxury products, only registered brands can mint LuxuryNFts before transferring them to other users.

View other LuxuryNFTs

Use the QR-Codes, and RFIDs attached to your luxury accessory to view LuxuryNFTs that have been minted using our platform. Then you can view the history of ownership of various luxury assets represented as LuxuryNFTs.

Transfer ownership of LuxuryNFTs

Sale new luxury accessories or resale pre-owned luxury accessories by transferring the ownership of the associated LuxuryNFT to a new owner using the transfer function